OH NO! What to do when you touch your Elf On the Shelf

The other morning Elfward was found in a tin mail box on the sofa table.  I thought it was rather clever of him to use a reference from the 90′s (AOL’s YOU’VE GOT MAIL).  Well, wouldn’t you know it, my oldest “accidentally” touched Elfward.  Her sister saw it and was FREAKED out!  As you know, if you touch your Elf on the Shelf he/she loses their magic.  Clara was beside herself and I knew I had to jump in quickly before we had tears.

I read recently that someone had a touching accident and had to give their Elf “medicine” to keep his magic safe.  I thought “What would be medicine for an Elf?”  Why cinnamon of course!  I quickly had the girls place a pile of cinnamon next to Elfward.  It turns out that Cinnamon is a vitamin for Elves and they get stronger and their magic is protected.  But, just like with any medicine, you have to use it in moderation.  We have to be very careful not to touch him again.


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vitamin for elf who has been touched


Thankfully the cinnamon worked.  The next day Elfward had moved to another spot after reporting to Santa!