Elf on the Shelf–How to Introduce your elf

Today a friend messaged me about how her elf should be introduced to the family.  There are a lot of ideas online and a quick search on Pinterest will give you tons of ideas.


This is how we introduced Elfward to our family last year.  It was our first year to do Elf on the Shelf

Elfward appeared on the Entertainment center.  Since I didn’t start documenting Elward’s antics until later we re-enacted our excitement when he arrived this year in the same spot.

The Elf comes with a storybook that will explain the rules about his magic.  Read the book together and watch the amazement as your children learn about their guest’s magic powers.  Stress that they MUST not ever touch the elf.  This is very important because touching the elf will make him lose his magic powers.

If this is your first year with an elf you will need to come up with his name. Elfward got his name thanks to the Twilight saga (a play on Edward thanks to my oldest who is like every other teeny-bopper around and loves those movies.)

Sit back and enjoy the magic of the season as your messenger travels back and forth to the North Pole with behavior reports.

Last night Elfward moved and was found in his first mischievous spot. He was bungee jumping in the window by the front door.  Crazy Elf.

christmas tradition elf


How did your elf arrive this year?